Shock Doctor is the #1 Mouthguard in the World with more than 75 million mouthguards sold over the last 25 years. Our illustrious history began in 1992, when EZ Gard Industries sold the first fully engineered mouthguard for $20. Building on that category strength for the next decade, the Shock Doctor brand evolved into a sports protection brand in 2004—and now, with a strategy focused on innovation and fearlessly targeting market segments, Shock Doctor is firmly entrenched as a global leader.


We are all about innovation that takes athletic performance and protection to an elevated level of excellence. We lead the world in mouthguard technology, and we tenaciously extend that lead every season. We proudly provide advanced protective gear that advances your game. Countless professional, collegiate and amateur athletes gear up with Shock Doctor. It’s all about being fearlessly intelligent.



Shock Doctor owns the most mouthguard patents in the world, with advanced protection technologies, groundbreaking performance features and sport-specific designs that cater to every kind of athlete. From the Gel-Fit liner and Max AirFlow breathing channel to InVent technology and Bio-Fit design, Shock Doctor continually pushes mouthguard innovation so every athlete can be confident they have the highest level of oral protection.


Whether an athlete is recovering from injury, surgery or dealing with ongoing chronic challenges, Shock Doctor has a Performance Sports Therapy (PST) product that supports their desire to get back in action. PST promotes safer, smarter and better performance—to ensure the best experience, Shock Doctor has created a system of progressive levels of therapeutic solutions for every type of treatment.



Shock Doctor’s array of advancements in cups and supporters have taken core protection to the next level. The AirCore cup has redefined the category thanks to game-changing three-layer fusion technology, while integrated supporters, briefs and shorts bring in the most advanced protection available.